Like a rhythm

Screened by serene clouds high
Westward rolls her twinkle eyes
The road that bridges her to I
She drove me by olive and vines

This road’s got taken high aye
Bruised knees and kisses cry
Huddles, cuddles and a bumpy ride
Ah she weathers my heart dry

Winds have stolen some moon glow
Her clocks have chosen hells way
Smoking through a dirty talkshow
Neither the truth nor another word to say


Only for you – part 1

Planet Earth has witnessed histories. Plenty. Murders of leaders, murder of gods and demigods, mass massacres, wars, bombs and axes. It has seen men, machine and madness. It has seen man’s rage over food, cult wars fought over women, big brothers fighting over borders, and beasts tamed over beauty.

And the Earth has also witnessed, Love.


“Window or aisle, Sir?”

“Window.. please!”, I exclaimed, screening the nervousness over my first plane journey. Little did I know then that this round trip of mine would change my life dramatically. And also romantically. I made sure I check in like a pro-traveler not like a first timer.

“You can collect your baggage at the Hy..”, the woman extended her habitual monologues, I stood there cautious and also unbothered on what she uttered, I just pretended to be a regular folk and I know all the stroke.

Soon after she is done, I smiled with shoulders lose, “Thanks an’ Bye!”, in a ridiculous fake accent I was trying to master, also with faked up Pan-Am smile that irked my face. As I walked away, I strolled my eyeballs north-east-and-west to know whats next, also while making sure I looked pro. I somehow managed to get in the queue, frisked at the security check, they asked me to take of my suit, “Oh, yeah – sure..”, I missed to notice this, while the frisker has clearly identified me a first timer.

I made sure again that I stay alert in style like the british spy. I always preferred Daniel Craig over Pierce Brosnan and trust me when I say ‘Quantum of Solace’ was the best 007 movie of all time. That inspiration has in some such way made me wear this business suit for travel, Pros don’t do that actually, they travel in casual or semi formal attires, unless they have a very serious business hour right at the other end of the same day. So, I pretended to have got one.

My purpose is business, which is scheduled the next day, but my prime purpose of trip is to fly my first. So, I did something extreme to have my flying experience great. Instead of having my ticket booked straight from Coimbatore to Hyderabad, I chose to transit at Chennai, so I can fly two flights, can experience two take offs, which is totally four flights in this one round trip.

And thats is why I should have listened more carefully to the woman who was telling me something important about the transit that morning. After landing at the Chennai Airport, I walked straight to baggage claim area with my wayfarers on, it was indoor, and I still had my coolers on, ‘travel in style’ was the motto of that trip. I waited patiently, in style, for my maroon VIP ultra light weight trolley luggage to come, it’s just a 3 day stay and I had packed for a week’s supply of suits, deos, perfumes, accessories, binoculars (who takes binoculars to a business trip? James Bond does!), and another pair of shoes, all packed as per the instruction by a traveler-tips video from Youtube.

My baggage has not come yet. Since its Chennai, literally I never felt like I’m in new place, I called for the assistance, I said, “Excuse me, I think there’s a problem! My baggage has not arrived yet!” And the courteous young man asked me wait for a while and sent for the higher airport authorities to deal with the same. They handled it in top priority, one SpiceJet employee used his radios to communicate the missing baggage issue to his team in baggage handling, another airport authority asked me the colour, size and labels or any vital information that can make my baggage unique. I told them all I know off. All the while, I tried to act and react like a pro, calm and collected.

“Please make sure I get it sooner, I’ve a connecting flight to catch!”, I said, just to hear them reassure me how important this is being handled.

“Do you have a connecting flight sir?”, the SpiceJet employee politely asked.

“Yes, that’s why I’m nervous. It has valuables inside and I cant wait for it.”

“Can you please hand me your ticket? Just to check..”, in immediate reflex, I pulled the ticket out towards him from my jacket pocket, in style, and he noticed something printed on the ticket and sighed instantly, in his own stlye.

“Sir, unga bag ah Hyderabad airport la vaangikalaam..”, he solved the case and turned my, but I could see him make a chuckle. The baggage was supposed to be collected at the Hyderabad airport, it’s now getting transferred from the plane 1 to plane 2.

Having insulted with my own dogma, I had to leave the baggage claim, with my eyes hiding behind the wayfarer. And my mind stuck with my mission, to travel in style. And not to get embarrassed again.

And, thats where I saw her. At the baggage claim 3. Waiting for her baggage to come or perhaps for someone to come from the restroom. She stood there like a monument. All eyes on her. She should be 5 foot 4″ or 5 foot 5′, I thought. Young so young, that she graced the entire Arrival bay by her beauty. She was wearing a red saree, carrying a big black leather bag on her side, probably Italian. I was 20 feet away from her when I realised I stood in the middle of the bay watching or literally drooling over her beauty for the past 20 seconds. Embarrassed again, I, by hook or crook managed to look at the banner falling from the walls above. This is why I wear wayfarers.

It was hard for me to leave the bay. See how perilous life is, I just met her, no I just saw her from far, I know it is impossible for me to meet her ever again or to have a closer look at the majestic beauty again. I had a choice to walk away or still spend sometime looking at her until its late for my next flight.

So, I decided to walk towards baggage claim 3, pretended to wait for my baggage to come, I walked closer to her, style on, stomach tucked in, shoulders lose and foot firm. I just stood 3 foot behind her, and noticed that she was nervously waiting for her baggage to appear. Beautifully nervous. And suddenly, she turned around to call for assistance, while I was like two foot closer to her, and she missed to bump onto me. Ah damn god she missed. She looked at me with a lil smirk of sorry in her eyes and thats when I decided I’m never gonna let go this girl.

“I think there’s a problem here! My baggage has not arrived yet!”, she spoke to me, thinking I could help her with that, I never missed a moment to reply her, I knew there are hundred other young lads who would graciously help her even if they miss their flights. So I spontaneously asked her, “Do you have a connection flight today?”.


“Can I check your ticket? that might help!”, with a little smile in her curvy corner of her lips, she handed me over her boarding pass from her Italian made bag.


“Oh dear, you can collect your baggage from the hyderabad airport, the flight people will take care to load your luggage to the connecting flight!”, I spoke out like a pro, is style, with my wayfarers still on. I felt like Mr. Bond!

“Oh god, I’m sorry to have bothered, I didn’t know that.. they..”, She was in loss of words, I was in loss of thoughts, my prime priorities of the trip has aligned itself to this damsel. In gently walked her out of arrival bay, only moments later I realised that we two are flying in the same plane to hyderabad.

So excited, I was like, “Your first time?”, with my carefully spoken fake accent that actually went well. “I mean, are you flying for the first time?”

“No,” she smirked with her wide smiling face at me and continued, “I have travelled with my family and colleagues a plenty times, but.. uh this is the first time.. umm.. I’m travelling alone.”, she had a perfect accent. And I fell in love with her voice. And I also fell in love for her, she had me at her ‘umm..’

TO BE CONTINUED in part 2..

Lesson: Never ever leave a digital trace

It was 6:31 AM, a typical sluggy morning only March Sundays can bring. Her eyes slowly squinted to the crystal sun rays that sniped through the dark red curtains. She had a very bad night last night, which she hopes to get over sooner. “Bitch! Bitch bloody bitch!”, she snorted still having her tooth brush loaded mouthful. Something stood heavy in her mind, clogging all her thoughts and also her skin pores since she has not removed any of her acrylics since last night. So, to freshen herself up with some morning air, she thought some jogging should help. Though it was the last thing any girl will do on Sundays. Her bestie would be there before long, who she thinks is the only resort to help her over the hard trauma. Before she could smell some fresh brew of madras filter coffee from her kitchen, her phone rang to an annoying tone, that which she has set to one annoying person, who has made her last night really annoying.

“What the fuchk do you want now Lakshmi?”, she stormed, also while making sure her mom doesn’t get to listen her uttering the F word again.

“I have a fuchhing serious discussion to make shweta,” Lakshmi politely answered from the other end, “Ready yourselves to listen”

“What the fugg?”, shweta tried to act cool, “are you like from always annoying holy grail or something..”

“Listen to me before..”

“Why would I fugggng listen to you? Who the f*sh in the pond are you”?

“You shall focging check your mail. Your ID”, lakshmi silenced sheweta in an instance. It was like an orchestrated silence in her side. “Get to read the whole mail and then call me. You will. And make sure we three meet this evening at our MG road coffee day”

Beeeped off her phone. Bewildered what in the fish in the pond in the mail she has sent her, Shweta grabbed her Mac Book Air, Actually that which belongs to Arjun, but shweta has taken refuge of the ultra slim machine ever since they both strongly fell in love. So this Mac here is kind of token of Love. Token of trust may be.

The fish in the pond mail:

23:40, 11 Mar – Luxy: Arjuuuuuuunn
23:41, 11 Mar – Arjun: What a surprise..
23:41, 11 Mar – Arjun: You texting me first..
23:41, 11 Mar – Luxy: Yes I did 🙂
23:41, 11 Mar – Luxy: Was talking about u to my friend this evening.. 🙂
23:42, 11 Mar – Arjun: Oh did your friend get impressed??
23:42, 11 Mar – Luxy: Hahaha ya.. Suddenly ur topic came into my mind
23:43, 11 Mar – Arjun: Hmmmmm so you missed me??
23:43, 11 Mar – Luxy: Lol yes
23:44, 11 Mar – Arjun: So, how good looking is your friend who’s impressed now??
23:49, 11 Mar – Luxy: Endhada?
23:49, 11 Mar – Arjun: Nothin..
23:49, 11 Mar – Arjun: Ok tell me.. What did you say her
23:50, 11 Mar – Luxy: Told her I used to have a huge crush on u 🙂
23:54, 11 Mar – Arjun: Oh only that huh??
00:02, 12 Mar – Luxy: Yes! What else will I tell her you think ?
00:02, 12 Mar – Arjun: Tell her how in the world you didn’t think I’ll come for you
00:03, 12 Mar – Arjun: Tell her about your study time in terrace
00:03, 12 Mar – Arjun: Tell her how you faked your phone calls
00:03, 12 Mar – Luxy: Hahaha remembering 🙂
00:04, 12 Mar – Luxy: Absolutely fake calls
00:04, 12 Mar – Luxy: Coz when daylight goes I can no longer be in terrace and sit with book ..
00:04, 12 Mar – Luxy: Only way out is attending calls
00:04, 12 Mar – Arjun: Oh.. so why did you spend time after dark? Were u waiting fr someone to appear?
00:05, 12 Mar – Luxy: U made me go mad da
00:05, 12 Mar – Luxy: How much I have cried oh God..
00:05, 12 Mar – Arjun: Jus instead of crying to god, why didn’t you just come to me?
00:06, 12 Mar – Arjun: Why didn’t you just come tell me that..
00:09, 12 Mar – Luxy: I thought u don’t give a damn about me
00:10, 12 Mar – Arjun: I thought of you the same
00:10, 12 Mar – Luxy: U were all I think of for a year and a half..
00:11, 12 Mar – Luxy: God how life changes and takes wild turns..
00:12, 12 Mar – Luxy: U have no clue about the madness
00:12, 12 Mar – Luxy: I was mad about u.. I can’t even tell u how much..
00:12, 12 Mar – Arjun: No. you shall tell me
00:14, 12 Mar – Luxy: I have dreamt of getting to know u.. talk atleast once.. 🙂
00:16, 12 Mar – Arjun: Only to talk?
00:18, 12 Mar – Luxy: Ya, talk, get to know u.. above all to be urs and all that Cinderella love
00:19, 12 Mar – Luxy: U didn’t bother even to make an attempt
00:21, 12 Mar – Arjun: I made so many
00:21, 12 Mar – Luxy: When?
00:21, 12 Mar – Luxy: Liar
00:22, 12 Mar – Arjun: I appeared in terrace for you
00:22, 12 Mar – Arjun: I had to walk my dog near your home, even though my dog hates your street,  just to see you.. to get a glimpse of you..
00:23, 12 Mar – Arjun: But once you left your balcony after seeing me..
00:24, 12 Mar – Arjun: So I concluded you were not interested
00:25, 12 Mar – Arjun: And your frequent phone calls made me certify that you were committed to someone else
00:25, 12 Mar – Arjun: And the best of the best part is..
00:25, 12 Mar – Arjun: I didn’t know your name
00:26, 12 Mar – Luxy: Really da? U really didn’t know my name then?
00:26, 12 Mar – Luxy: Then how did u find me on fb?
00:27, 12 Mar – Arjun: I know your college. So I graph searched in Facebook.. after many failed attempts, I came up with a pretty looking girl in a profile pic..
00:28, 12 Mar – Arjun: And that pretty girl magically happened to be you. And that’s how I found you
00:28, 12 Mar – Luxy: Really? But just randomly u found me?
00:28, 12 Mar – Arjun: Yes!
00:29, 12 Mar – Arjun: Ok. Why am I the only one confessing here? What about you? U got nothing to tell me about how and what or something like that in our saga..
00:30, 12 Mar – Luxy: Hahaha… my love letter I wrote.. 🙂
00:30, 12 Mar – Arjun: Really? U didn’t give me yet..
00:30, 12 Mar – Luxy: 😦 I burnt it coz I knew u wouldn’t love me back..
00:30, 12 Mar – Arjun: How in the world can you assume I am so?
00:31, 12 Mar – Arjun: but when I found u in fb, the first thing I noticed is u were seeing someone.. and I kinda had a bad heart ache..
00:31, 12 Mar – Luxy: Poda liar.. Even u said u had a girl friend?
00:31, 12 Mar – Luxy: So I also somewhere felt bad 😦
00:32, 12 Mar – Arjun: I said that way coz you said me u have a bf, so I told u, but..
00:39, 12 Mar – Luxy: But? What?
00:32, 12 Mar – Arjun: But I lied you.. I didn’t have a gf, I said u so, so to know more about u..
00:39, 12 Mar – Luxy: You goose..
00:39, 12 Mar – Arjun: And I wanted to confess one more thing..
00:39, 12 Mar – Luxy: what now?
00:40, 12 Mar – Arjun: I love you
00:41, 12 Mar – Luxy: Oh god! Arjun.. are you drunk?
00:41, 12 Mar – Luxy: I hear from your friends that you’re seeing Shweta.. I thought you two are..
00:42, 12 Mar – Arjun: No baby, I hid my love for you all these days, I still cannot speak to you like we are just friends.. I really love you..
00:42, 12 Mar – Arjun: No.. Shweta and I are friends now.. that’s a big story I’ll tell you that later..
00:43, 12 Mar – Arjun: And do you rmbr that one fine day.. You came out to your terrace
00:44, 12 Mar – Luxy: 🙂 no?
00:44, 12 Mar – Arjun: You were fresh out of bath.. Wearing your school uniform.. just tops and you were drying your hair..
00:45, 12 Mar – Luxy: Hahaha oh my God..
00:47, 12 Mar – Arjun: I didn’t know you did it for me..
00:48, 12 Mar – Luxy: aww.. I really was that flirty mad on you those days..
00:48, 12 Mar – Luxy: I wonder what else did you notice on me? Oh god..
00:49, 12 Mar – Arjun: Yes, plenty! I can list them..
00:50, 12 Mar – Arjun: Won’t you ask what it is?
00:50, 12 Mar – Luxy: What is it da
00:50, 12 Mar – Arjun: No leave it
00:50, 12 Mar – Luxy: No temme
00:51, 12 Mar – Arjun: No please, I don’t wanna sound lecherous?
00:51, 12 Mar – Luxy: Eda maashe temme
00:53, 12 Mar – Arjun: Sorry to embarrass you, but it’s my honest complement!
00:56, 12 Mar – Arjun: You there?
00:56, 12 Mar – Arjun: Am I dead now?
00:57, 12 Mar – Arjun: Are you trying to break my heart again?
00:57, 12 Mar – Arjun: It’ll not break until you reply
01:02, 12 Mar – Arjun: Ok I think your phone’s dead!
01:14, 12 Mar – Luxy: Eda u should really learn to be patient!
01:14, 12 Mar – Arjun: You make me a patient when you don’t reply..
01:14, 12 Mar – Luxy: Friends came da.. that’s why..
01:16, 12 Mar – Luxy: And they were asking who am I chatting with 😛
01:16, 12 Mar – Arjun: Tell them it’s me. And tell them I love you.
01:16, 12 Mar – Luxy: I told her! Am happy u made my day.
01:16, 12 Mar – Arjun: Why am I not getting a reply that says “Me too”..
01:17, 12 Mar – Luxy: Poda 🙂
01:17, 12 Mar – Luxy: Omg. It is getting all real? Am I all that worth 🙂
01:17, 12 Mar – Arjun: Yes!
01:17, 12 Mar – Luxy: U maké me smile
01:18, 12 Mar – Luxy: You made me cry earlier. Now I smile.. I think I have fallen already..
01:19, 12 Mar – Arjun: It’s not you. But me, who fell for your beautiful trap.. (“I KIND OF LIKE THIS LINE. HAHAHAHAHA..”)
01:25, 12 Mar – Luxy: 🙂
01:25, 12 Mar – Luxy: I feel like crying..
01:26, 12 Mar – Arjun: I wish I’m there to hold in my arms..
01:27, 12 Mar – Luxy: No. I just wish I can still peek on you from my balcony thinkin that you didn’t notice me 🙂
01:27, 12 Mar – Luxy: Adolescent craziness literally
01:27, 12 Mar – Luxy: Am still crazy u know
01:28, 12 Mar – Luxy: A crazy gal ve always been
01:28, 12 Mar – Arjun: You still crazy on? what?
01:28, 12 Mar – Luxy: Lovely talking to ya.. its getting late..
01:28, 12 Mar – Luxy: Lol u know wat I meant 🙂
01:29, 12 Mar – Arjun: Yeah.
01:29, 12 Mar – Arjun: So when can I have a formal appointment with you? To propose something important?
01:31, 12 Mar – Luxy:  u mad fella.. im sure we’re meeting tmrw evening! 🙂
01:35, 12 Mar – Arjun: Yeah! Shld I bring you heart wrapped? Or my love packed?
01:35, 12 Mar – Luxy: Very funny 🙂
01:35, 12 Mar – Luxy: tmrw evening at 5.30 pm. At MG road café? I got classes at 6.30. so we shall meet for sometime there.. is is ok for you?
01:36, 12 Mar – Arjun: one fine hour with you. Is one decade of life for me. I’m okay.
01:35, 12 Mar – Luxy: pucca. Meet you there. Byee.
01:36, 12 Mar – Arjun: can I call you now?
01:35, 12 Mar – Luxy: I wish you can. But I don’t wanna wake up the other girls in the room..
01:36, 12 Mar – Arjun: It’s okay. I’ve waited four years for you. I can wait four more hours now.
01:36, 12 Mar – Arjun: Love you. Good night.
01:37, 12 Mar – Luxy: Good night darling! 🙂
Deeply in disgust, lost in trust, Shweta felt like her whole life has been faked, drama filled with untrustable people, unfuckable people, she lost all her mind. She felt like she has all legal rights now to kill Arjun now.

She is all in a mood for a wild revenge. SHADAAAARRR!! goes down to brittle shattered glasses the Retina HD display of Apple MacBook Air. She slammed her door hard, to get dressed in yellow jogging tracks..


How she lied!

I had a girlfriend named Sweety
She lied! She lied!
‘I’ll love you forever’
She lied! She lied!
‘and I should have told you,’ – She lied!
‘I’ve a boyfriend’ – She fuckin’ lied!

‘I love the way you.. talk’
She lied! Always lied!
‘But, I really don’t want this to..’
you know! She lied!

My girlfriend Sweety
She lied! She lied!
‘Ohhh.. We’re gettin’ better!’
She lied! She lied!
‘and didn’t I tell you,’ – No not a lie!
‘My appa getting me a scooty!!’ – she got high! happy high!

Sweety rode a Scooty
But still – she lied!
She thought helmets are boring – A big damn lie!
I should’ve got her one- But she denied!

‘OKAY I’ll buy a helmet tomorrow,’
She lied! She lied!
Sweety rode her Scooty
Her rearviews focused aside – they lied! they lied!

I had a girlfriend named sweety
She lied! She lied!
and her forever tales
everything had lied!
why is god so greedy
I accuse he lied!

Alas! My Sweety died!
She died! She died!
I witnessed as the scene spread red
Everyone at the roads sped!
Why oh why is my girl dead?
Couldn’t that Toyota hit me instead?

If she had been wearing anything else but white, my eyes may never have met hers and everything would have been different. If I had not been bored and stayed stuck to my presentation file, it would have been different. If someone had not raised the question on what she could speak in that board room, I would have had a different life. But it is inevitable how love strikes at the least expected. Obviously, I had no plan to meet the love of my life at a student board meeting. But yet it (t)rolled.

“Yes, she caught my eye,” , the James Blunt song,
“As we walked on by
She could see from my face that I was,
Fuhking high
And I don’t think that I’ll see her again
But we shared a moment that will last till the end..”
flared from the youtube tab as I press this post.

Not the song has spooned some reminiscence of, But I never could forget her, and I never did speak to her, ’cause I saw the end, before we’d begun, that she could never be mine.

“I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be with you”

Isn’t it glory, how life takes us through, moves us high and soaked, makes a man heart parch in pain. I never knew her name, but now that I know, I never have a purpose, to spell that a game, I will never be ever to meet her again, wish I could’ve told her, She’s beautiful.

“You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s true
There must be an angel with a smile on her face
When she thought up that I should be with you
But it’s time to face the truth
I will never be with you”

She’s gone and married, that’s what I’ve heard, thanks that nothing hurried, I now have a sagacious beard. By all the heavens in the ‘verse have made a call, my thoughtful so-so verses have come to fall. How in the world I missed my brilliance to speak up to her and let her know, She’s beautiful, She’s beautiful, She’s beautiful, and it’s true. There no point to declare how hideous, but my love’s still precious. Thus spake,

“I saw an angel
Of that I’m sure
She smiled at me on the subway
She was with another man
But I won’t lose no sleep on that
‘Cause I’ve got a plan”

Thanks James Blunt, your song got me drunk in love.

Vodka for the soul

Without You

Sometimes I lay awake,
knowing I’ve made a mistake,
wishing reality was fake,
it has become more than I can take.

Meagre memories are all that remain,
wishing we could still be the same,
looking for someone to the blame,
but I only find one name.

Knowing you are hurt and I can’t undo,
unsure of what to do,
why must I get loved by you?
The only one who knew is again you.

I broke your heart one little time,
Didn’t know you deserve much a better line,
My thoughts turned into micro crimes,
confused, torn and out of rhymes

If only I hadn’t been so naive,
to fall for what I shouldn’t believe,
in your arms is my relief,
You don’t deserve to shed for a thief.

You’ll hold a place in my heart,
in which you’ll never part,
Up there and lit like a classic art,
you’ve been that one from the start.

Last seen today at

I just had myself dine,
It was too early to sleep,
So I sat in the couch,
And my phone just beeped.

And I thought it was you,
But then it wasn’t you,
And I said, “How I wish it had been you!”

T’was too late to text you, I thought
And too odd to ring up,
So I sat on the couch,
Stalking you on Whatsapp.

And all I sent you was
“How you doing”
“Just thought of saying hi”

And then
Something came pingin’,
Now the pinging’
Made me ring’in

You sent me and I see you “typing…”
Do you know how hard
Is that I’m waiting.

After a real long 20 seconds,
I had my nails biting,
But came a reply,
That said, “How are you doing?”

Before I could reply,
You sent me a “What’s up there?”
To my whatsapp here.

“I’m just bored
I thought of calling you
Hope you’ll not mind at all if I do.”
There it goes ‘Last seen today at 21:02

Then sadly I
Did not know what to say
May be I could sent you nothing
Or called you another day

But my heart said,
“No! No! Text her right away!
Bring her back who’s gone
Ask her not to play.

Send her a ‘You there?’
Know what’s happening about,
May be another ‘You there?’
Ask her why she’s out!”

“Now! Now! Have no fear.
Have no fear!” I said myself
“You’re not that pervy bad,
Wait until she texts back.”

Why and how could she be busy,
She’s with her friends, I wish,
May be they’re talking about me,
Sadly I don’t give a fish.

“Text ME now”, I said myself,
“This is no fun at all!
“Text ME now”, I said myself,
May be I shall now call.

“Have no fear!”, said my heart,
“You shall now call,
I’ll load you with the best lines up,
You shall now call.

Put on your TV, with some music on,
And call her right away!
Pretend like you’re a Don.”
Said my heart…

I took my first deep breath,
Gentle and slow,
I called her right away,
It said, “Your balance is low!”

To the place you’ve never been before

I’ll take you to the place
You’ve never been before
Pack your dressing case
We’d be landing on the dance floor

While I hold you in my arms
I will take the gentle lead
If you dance to your charms
Baby, I shall concede

I’ll never let you go
I shall teach you Tango
Let the birds mind the time
We’ll catch our favorite rhyme

When it gets half past eleven
Comes the magic spell
It starts with the heaven
And ends up in a hell

Baby, I’ll take you to the place
You’ve never been before
Can you see all those grace
from this lonely sea shore?


I still love you
I know you love me too

Without you
My heart just doesn’t glue

May the rhythm die
Let the rivers dry
But I want you not to cry
My love

I think I hurt you
And then my pain grew

Without you
I’m just a life in Zoo.

My skies are not blue
Not even a clue
If only I could undo
To all the things that I’ve lied
My love

I know you still trust me
I know you still love me

May be I’m sorry
Baby, I’m sorry

To the one you know
To the one you love
To the one you love more than you love you

I’m the one.

I know, I’m the one with you
I’m the one with
the Lovely girl

You’re so lovely, girl
You’re so, so lovely
I love you my dear bubbly
I will always be your lovely

Now and ever. And forever.