College and the damn life hence..

My last day in College:

I couldn’t write my exam(the final exam in my final semester) after 10:30 am.

I was sure that we all will finish writing early and few of us will be waiting say our bye. But, it was a usual day in the morning and no one reacted or behaved different as I thought they will.

Had to fill some slam books. Had to chat with all friends and it was a strange feeling when meeting friends from other classes, I didn’t know when would I get a chance to meet them again. But I had hope, that few faces will strike again and often.

Castro (a friend, who is supposed to share the sadness as a classmate that day, but he actually discontinued himself from the course and did join another college), came to his old college this day, he had posted in Facebook that he too felt the sadness, thThe click ain't so goodough he is in different college now. He had his usual humour.

Ashwathy, Punitha, Saranya(7)[classmates] were looking and behaving normal, but don’t know how they felt then. After few ridiculous hours, We started playing cricket in Basketball court and then we played our favorite Basketball too(I remember that was the last time I had a good game).

Our regular planning committee- “Dinesh(17), Dileep, Bala and Harish” were discussing a master-plan for the evening, we expected that their plan will be about something fishy. All agreed to their plan, its about visiting ‘‘Showers’ that evening. and as usual we started to collect money from everyone in the gang, as usual we met shortages in the budget, then we came up with a criminal idea,it was about selling all the old exam papers that were dumped near the canteen, we took it outside college through a secret passage, then Dinesh and Bala took them to old paper vendor and sold it for an exchange of money.

Then we all started to ‘showers’, I didn’t have a bike then, I had to sit pillion with any friend who owns a bike, a friend Ashutosh agreed to pick some one up, but we were two people, Me and Subash, only one among us can ride pillion, the other one had to take a bus for destination. Me and Subash got compromised, we both took a bus to Saibaba koil and walked to the-place.

The fun began, I ordered my usual drink, 7up. I had to make my regular fight about having a pint glass for 7up, Dinesh(27)(poo dinesh) was the first to oppose, I then gave him the beer glass under one condition, that I should be allowed to pour a pint into his glass and as usual we had a big fight on the side dish provided, but under compromised rules, we had it shared.

It was all fun. Ashutosh was about to travel Mumbai the next day, so he had to leave quick, so Me, Ashu, Shankar and Subash left the place first(I now wish, I could have stayed little late).We had to say the-word ‘Bye’, and it was the bitterest word to say for that whole day, I felt too sad and different when leaving the place, I spoke normally to everyone and said that I’ll be meeting them again quick.

We all knew for sure that that wouldn’t be our last meeting, but still I felt something insecure and disturbing in me. I started walking to the doors and turned back to the table, and witnessed all my friends were looking at me, with the same feeling, that is the moment what I called Hope.

A Hope that we would meet again.

I then reached home, my Mom found me little sad, she knew how tough was it for me to leave college on the final day, she then asked me to bring all the friends home, a day.

I sent a text message to everyone about this, I felt too desperate and too lonely and when each reply came, I was able to count my precious gifts, Shankar too felt a lot on this day, he was chatting with me as he needs to talk a lot to me.

I felt lonely again, I called Adhi’s phone, he was busy and I called Sriram, he was staying in Bala’s room with Praveen, Bala, Dileep, Dinesh(17) and Ranga. Sri spoke well and it gave me little hope again, then I started working on my PC and here is my first  blog about that day, the final day in college.

I miss you CT.

I’m sure that we guys will always stay in touch, but I’m much afraid about those precious girls in our class.

They’ll always be in touch, I hope.



One thought on “College and the damn life hence..

  1. Well created a nw website & u hav been through al ur updates and changes,good and bad.
    I hav 2 say tat ur post s really gud, b’coz u let us 2 knw hw u r!!!
    Really i miss al those wonderful moments which we had together and i miss our UG life too……
    Missing u more wit passing days:)

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