White in Blue: A Love Story – Part 1

Planet Earth. No place else, but the Legendary Earth. Everything and everyone we know of , thought of and dreamt of, is produced by this Planet Earth. But exactly how it even co-exists in this vast universe surrounded by really quite very big planets remain one of biggest unsolved mysteries.

Talking on Earth. The only planet with Magnificent mountains, evasive oceans, deadly tides, valley of storms, vast deserts and unmerciful weather. Air, water, fire and earth that spreads itself North, East, West and South. Tall and wide woods, dark and green, weeds and herbs, animals that feed on, cows, deer and giraffes, tigers and carnivores, giant elephants, steadfast horses, birds that fly above all, whales that dive deep, and cats and dogs that live at ease. Snakes that crawl, flowers that bloom, grasses to graze on. Planet Earth has got everything every species will ever need to survive.

And then there are Humans. We, the humans. Intelligent amongst all. The one species that could rule them all. We ruled the world. We built homes, castles, and beautiful architectural marvels. We spoke poetry, philosophy and naval wars. We dined and wined to kill and betray each other. We raped, murdered, loved and cared each other. We Humans, through time, have been gatherers, hunters, kings, priests, messiahs and gods. Of all the things we ever invented, the practice of Marriage is considered the subject of this story.

Sheetal, 26, and I the author must say she’s truly gorgeous, IT professional, lives with her friends in Bangalore, India.

Varun, 28, IT professional, MBA from Singapore, living in Bangalore. Desperately looking for a young, fun loving, adventurous and gorgeous woman to marry.

Legend has it that, Sheetal and Varun are in love for a couple of years. But the author must insist they are not in love. And have not met each other until that day.

Sheetal had to leave office a little earlier to cut chase the Whitefields traffic. She’s had a busy week and to toss it up, no cab wants to pick her from ITPL to her place. So she had to take a Volvo that actually is much convenient, but, for her, not as convincing as a taxi. Women! Can’t defy their choices! But that day, Sheetal decided to take a thought enriched ride, where she can relive her entire memories and still take another hour to reach her place. But that wasn’t another ordinary evening. She has an important schedule to catch up. She’s probably worried on what to wear for the occasion. By the author’s suggestions, she looks her best in any given costume, oh the fact that she’s tall makes her impossible to miss. She really doesn’t know how beautiful she is, may be she haven’t given any guy a chance to tell her that. And may be the few who told her haven’t meant a word they have said. She’s a lady laden to words, loves and appreciates poetry and will fall only for a man not less than her lust for art. A man who could spell her name like a poetry and never takes his eyes off her when she speaks to him.

That evening she hopes to meet such a person. Does she want him tall, built or rich? She doesn’t know. She just waits for the evening to unveil. This certainly is not a blind date or a tinder date, just a dinner date arranged by her parents back there from Chennai to make her meet a person she would say yes to.

Sheetal’s father a retired Professor, has been everyone’s  favorite professor in his days. As a father, his care for Sheetal cannot be put in words. He loves his only daughter like a treasure and wants only the best of the best for his beloved daughter. It was through one of his students he came to know of an eligible groom for her. He took 3 months to convince her to meet him, just to meet him once. “If not now the horoscope predicts her marriage will further delay for 5 years!!. We don’t want that to happen, her marriage should happen in a year’s time”, threatened Sheetal’s mother, for whom she just can’t refuse.

Sheetal managed to reach home, freshened, dressed up in the author’s favorite polka dotted white in blue kurthi with a blue jean. All set to meet Mr.Varun in Phoenix mall’s food court at 7.30pm.

to be continued… (End of Part 1/Part 4).


2 thoughts on “White in Blue: A Love Story – Part 1

  1. Awesome bro! Another hidden talent of yours.. it was more than I expected.. keep the good work going… all the best…👍

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