The most powerful tool I’ve got

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

Here we are. Bruised and broken in the 21st century. While the Earth’s history is pushing back itself 700,000 years older than the oldest known date, in which we claimed that Homo-sapiens, we, Humans started using tools. (Yeah, Tools. Google Kenyan Exploration!)

Tools as such are mere instruments, in more words, they’re simpler machines, made to make work easy or better or much better than those works that could have achieved without tools. But still why those australopithecines would love to use those fashioned stone tools in such, such early days dating 3.3 million years ago from today is the question that doesn’t fail to baffle us all.

They probably were working to create something that will leave the rest of the Australopithecine life move towards evolution quicker and better by carefully analysed strategies with the help of right Tools to make sure they do not end up like the other humans in their parallel universe did.

Yeah, this planet is as old as the youngest star in this universe, isn’t it? So summing up with all that the time has done, it has rewarded the bravest, paved way for the fittest, crucified the finest, exiled the greatest. The time has always had its own turns. With time we always had lessons to learn from, either we grasp the lessons by our own or listen to the other person who had his/her lessons, is the choice we have.

‘You should always remember to..’, ‘Never ever never ever ever ever do that/these..’ are the typical phrases I use while I pull up myself to deliver an advice or a powerful suggestion to someone who is welcoming to hear from me. Sometimes I give out aggresive suggestions too, to make sure I sound what I mean, or to mean what I sound.

In the entiriry of human race, the ancestors had always left the descendents with worth while suggestions in all different genres of life has always left suggestion for the other people to follow, but one has to always experience things themselves before they think it would’ve been better if they could’ve heard it from someone who knew it much better. Every tradition and culture has deciphered those suggestions right and has succesfully passed on those insightful wisdom for centuries together.

Of all that the world has passed on to me, the strong and the wisest suggestion i have ever received is,

Spend wisely!

Spending wisely can be more better debriefed in my native language Tamil/Tamizh. Here we classify spending into two types, செலவாக்கள் and செலவழித்தல். The former one suggests of spending constructively on useful purposes and the latter suggests on spending unwisely on destructive purpose (unnecessary spends). I wish you were a Tamil or you know the language Tamil to understand how beautifully these words have coined to convey the message. They enroll the purpose of the spend to categorize the habit of spenidng.

With this advice, I always self assess myself everytime I take my wallet to pay something. I ask myself, ‘Am I spending it wisely?’, ‘Is this thing absolutely necessary to spend for?’, ‘Am I spending excessively?’ and more such. This makes sure I save enough money and gain control over the financial necessities.

This piece of wonderful and powerful advice, a tool that I can put to use for the rest of my life and even pass through my descendents if I wish to, was given to me by my late German teacher, Professor S. Vijayaraghavan, who hails from Coimbatore, an entomologist by study, who has served Tamilnadu Agricultural University for a brief period of years, has travelled round the globe in his able days, learnt languages, spent time wisely, lived ultimately and divinely.

If there’s another powerful suggestion or advice I have ever received, it is the message that my late teacher has left to his students, through his life as a teacher, by bringing lights of wisdom to the students and by inspiring many to turn a teacher.


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