How she lied!

I had a girlfriend named Sweety
She lied! She lied!
‘I’ll love you forever’
She lied! She lied!
‘and I should have told you,’ – She lied!
‘I’ve a boyfriend’ – She fuckin’ lied!

‘I love the way you.. talk’
She lied! Always lied!
‘But, I really don’t want this to..’
you know! She lied!

My girlfriend Sweety
She lied! She lied!
‘Ohhh.. We’re gettin’ better!’
She lied! She lied!
‘and didn’t I tell you,’ – No not a lie!
‘My appa getting me a scooty!!’ – she got high! happy high!

Sweety rode a Scooty
But still – she lied!
She thought helmets are boring – A big damn lie!
I should’ve got her one- But she denied!

‘OKAY I’ll buy a helmet tomorrow,’
She lied! She lied!
Sweety rode her Scooty
Her rearviews focused aside – they lied! they lied!

I had a girlfriend named sweety
She lied! She lied!
and her forever tales
everything had lied!
why is god so greedy
I accuse he lied!

Alas! My Sweety died!
She died! She died!
I witnessed as the scene spread red
Everyone at the roads sped!
Why oh why is my girl dead?
Couldn’t that Toyota hit me instead?


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