Without You

Sometimes I lay awake,
knowing I’ve made a mistake,
wishing reality was fake,
it has become more than I can take.

Meagre memories are all that remain,
wishing we could still be the same,
looking for someone to the blame,
but I only find one name.

Knowing you are hurt and I can’t undo,
unsure of what to do,
why must I get loved by you?
The only one who knew is again you.

I broke your heart one little time,
Didn’t know you deserve much a better line,
My thoughts turned into micro crimes,
confused, torn and out of rhymes

If only I hadn’t been so naive,
to fall for what I shouldn’t believe,
in your arms is my relief,
You don’t deserve to shed for a thief.

You’ll hold a place in my heart,
in which you’ll never part,
Up there and lit like a classic art,
you’ve been that one from the start.


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