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I just had myself dine,
It was too early to sleep,
So I sat in the couch,
And my phone just beeped.

And I thought it was you,
But then it wasn’t you,
And I said, “How I wish it had been you!”

T’was too late to text you, I thought
And too odd to ring up,
So I sat on the couch,
Stalking you on Whatsapp.

And all I sent you was
“How you doing”
“Just thought of saying hi”

And then
Something came pingin’,
Now the pinging’
Made me ring’in

You sent me and I see you “typing…”
Do you know how hard
Is that I’m waiting.

After a real long 20 seconds,
I had my nails biting,
But came a reply,
That said, “How are you doing?”

Before I could reply,
You sent me a “What’s up there?”
To my whatsapp here.

“I’m just bored
I thought of calling you
Hope you’ll not mind at all if I do.”
There it goes ‘Last seen today at 21:02

Then sadly I
Did not know what to say
May be I could sent you nothing
Or called you another day

But my heart said,
“No! No! Text her right away!
Bring her back who’s gone
Ask her not to play.

Send her a ‘You there?’
Know what’s happening about,
May be another ‘You there?’
Ask her why she’s out!”

“Now! Now! Have no fear.
Have no fear!” I said myself
“You’re not that pervy bad,
Wait until she texts back.”

Why and how could she be busy,
She’s with her friends, I wish,
May be they’re talking about me,
Sadly I don’t give a fish.

“Text ME now”, I said myself,
“This is no fun at all!
“Text ME now”, I said myself,
May be I shall now call.

“Have no fear!”, said my heart,
“You shall now call,
I’ll load you with the best lines up,
You shall now call.

Put on your TV, with some music on,
And call her right away!
Pretend like you’re a Don.”
Said my heart…

I took my first deep breath,
Gentle and slow,
I called her right away,
It said, “Your balance is low!”


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