The One Man Army

ImageAt the very core
of our being is a True Self
that we may have never known.

A true spirit of enormous freedom,
A Happy-nest of abundance.

A source of beyond-the-heaven happiness.

A proof of shapeless energy,
A sea of gratitude.

A fruit of wisdom,
A flow of rhythm.

A vibe of strong soul.
All it takes is to,

Trust our senses,
Sharpen our axes,
Kill the wrong guilt,
Spill the fear and
Light up the fire.

So when you hear the bugle call you shall walk for the war of life,
prepare for defeat, believe in victory, respect the warrior within;

For he knows the secrets of every banging hearts, For he is the one,
the one man with his army of hope and desire to win the nation within.

But not until we give the true self a chance to lead, to determine,
to triumph over the blocks we have built within, to unlock our potentials,
To do what we could not do, to win the ultimatum, to give yourself to life.


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