To all my gurus on this Teacher’s day





You applauded my first A,
You taught me to think my own way,
Your words were wisdom and they’ll always stay,
All I have now is few words to say.

From conjugating Être and Sein,
to animating the boring tan, cos and sine,
and also on dribbling the ball to the 3-point line,
You stood there watching me shine.

You illustrated how a TV works,
Gave me hella lotta Home-works,
You knew what every student lurks,
and gave us marks and remarks.

And I still remember the magic show,
 when you turned the red litmus paper blue,
Your lessons with Acute, obtuse, straight and right,
still helps me so bright.

And as they say, Teacher says, teacher goes,
teacher smiles and teacher knows.
Its time for break, here I go.





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