When love hits you back, go kill it

Ships don’t wreck that easy,
Unless the calm tides dare to sneeze.
And grasses don’t grow so easy,
Unless a gardener wets his knees.

And this world,
With all these monsoons and loud honks blowing,
Still gathers some fragrance of love,
Sparkled with fuel to get the world going.
And its the morning now.

Too many blessed sunshines,
With laughter bridging our shortest distance,
There’s one silver lining that keeps the world still shining,
Its the smile of your lovely daughter.

And with her shining morning face, creeping like a snail,
Unwillingly to school, gives you a cute sorry eyes.
Then, go kiss her, hug her, make her count the keys,
Say you’ll love her forever.

Another day, you caught a guy red-handed,
Who just kissed your daughter,
Then she stands, with her not-so-cute sorry face, and crying,
With her swolling eyes, pleads you for him,
And Tells you that, he’s more than just him.
Then, go hug her, tell her that you are not feeling bad,
And this is how you do it, when you become a dad.

And years passed, you just want to visit your daughter,
Age cannot wither her, she’s still your little daughter,
You buy her chocolates and cup cakes,
And by this time, she is still baking her own cakes for you,
Baked with love, blended with happiness.
And you still wondering what else she’ll love.

Then, go hug her, tell her she’s your bukaroo,
Just don’t wait to kiss her, but don’t spend all your kisses,
You might have to wait to kiss your grand children.
And its another great morning now.

After all, a woman’s work is never done,
She’ll pick your thoughts, fight your heart,
Eat your brains, makes you want for more.
And therby hangs a tale, “The way to heaven,
is to love every woman,
like how you want your daughter to be loved”

And you are old now, Just go dip your knees,
Raise a garden and a puppy as well,
So that you can’t get lonely,
And love is all it takes to survive.
So kill your life with love and love.


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