Reminds me a rain that poured

Hey my rainy clouds,
Tell me something so new,
Coz when these lights dig a clue,
Reminds me a girl I knew.

I’ve walked a long road,
And killed all that glowed,
Coz its for the lady wind that blowed.
And now it reminds me the girl I knew.

I would have been diving a big ocean,
Living a big dream,
Making my damn heart only to scream,
But it went down for the damsel I knew.

I told her, thrice, that I love her nice.
She refused at first, but did not make me rest,
I tried and fried, until my scores got dried,
When I almost broke, cupid took over.

She smiles an angel, talks so loud,
Dresses proud, loves to walk in a crowd,
And she loves me like a pouring cloud.
But now, the seasons have changed.

She threw me away and I’m miles away,
She would’ve loved, she could’ve stayed.
But for all the thunders and bolts she gave,
Love is just a rainy cloud, it never stays,
It just makes you wet and makes you cry,
And leaves a lesson worth a try.

Wish this clouds tell her why,
I now live so happy and I don’t cry.
May be she’s in fb and she might have a dp,
Should I go search?
No, its her last name that bothers me.


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