The Damn Book

12 July 2011:

I reached my office to find a book in my place, sticked with an envelope. Its ‘The Alchemist’.


25th June 2011, 2pm:

Anjana, an intern in my station, was asking me what birthday gift would I love to have. I replied, “Anything you wish that could worth a gift..”, but she deliberately needs to know what do I really want to have for my birthday. Then surprisingly a book from an old man appeared in my thought-cloud. I sent my reply, “If u can, then get me paulo coehlo’s The Alchemist.. no compulsion.. if only u could”.


30th June 2011 (my birthday):

It would have been good if I had that book on my table this day. But its not what that happened. She was not there for my birthday and no ‘The Alchemist’ too. But my real buddies and cool people in the hottest radio station made my birthday, the day.

Not to be surprised, she called me up early in the morning to wish me on my birthday. I couldn’t recognise it was her, I thought I was talking to my college-mate actually. BTW I was totally glued to my sleep and my brain was just getting streamed. And then the thank you followed. She said me she’ll get me the book, the gift, when she returns back to office.


3rd July 2011:

She hit the office, had her regular ‘hi’s to everyone, then she came to me walking strange and said, “Good morning, birthday wishes again!”. I replied in a strike, “Where’s my gift?”. She gave an empty look.


11th July 2011:

This was the last day for the two interns in office, Anjana and Dhanya. This Anjana has already delayed giving the gift to me and this was the assuring day she promised me that i’ll get the gift on-hand for sure. “Stop calling it a gift”, I told her already, “if it was, then you should have given it on my birthday”, I really meant it and I was not happy about the delay too, She invited her trouble of giftiing, made me wait and now its even worse.

This is her last day, she knows that well. Then suddenly I asked her out of surprise, “ok, ennoda book enga??“.

She then made a stupid reaction to herself and said me, “hey, i really forgot!”.

“Thats it!”, I said to myself, “I’m a fool actually, I shouldn’t have asked for it and now I make you feel bad for a damn book’s sake”. She tried to pause me, but, “No, no please.. I don’t need any explanations, I don’t need that book too..”

As my friends know already, no one can easily win over my angry conversation. But, she learnt it only that day. I was like, you know? why do people wanted to mean something when they actually have nothing to loose over my loss. Yes, I was expecting the book for nearly 2 weeks. And this stupid looking girl was playing a fool over me. I really hurt her someway or otherway. I never gave her a chance to explain. “Is this the respect you got on me?”, I asked her and she replied, “I’ll courier you the book”. “Thats it.. no more words to make the dumb brain understand..”, I said to myself and then later I’m back to cool. My cool!


12th July 2011:

I reached my office to find an envelope in my place sticked to a book, I can visibly see its a brand new book. The envelope is written bold and decorated with the term, ‘NAVEEN’. And there was a gift placed in every table, to every one.

Everyone got a fancy stuff, but I got ‘The Alchemist’. She actually planned for this dumb surprise. When everyone here is either happy or neutral about the gift they got, I stood sad. I realised she doesn’t deserve all the hard hard thing I told her. For everyone else this might be a dumber story. But she’s worth this blog.



Thanks Anjana for the book! and sorry for what I told You.

The verdict is out and its not that bad.

Love you friend.

Just Hang around!!!


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