On the Meadows of Love

(tis is one among de SMS poems tat i created this morning while i was still in bed.De time i find my creativity flowin..ha ha [09-11-2009])

Sleepless nights may
change to a deep
good sleep while
hugging each other
Singing mobile phones
may not be needed
while holding hands
of each another.
No words can make
this language,
No genius can teach
us this,
No friend can help us
No big theories
couldn’t solve this
You may go blind or
you may break your
But this is how it
has to be,
And you may start
believing why were
you here,
To that angel to
come, grab and fly.
Rather do anyone
feel this while,
holding a hand or
making a tie,
Love is all and love
can’t fall,
Love can wake you up
and make you think this

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