Had I never Born?

“I really need some sugar”, I said myself after having a sip of a plain black tea, while typing this note sitting in my office at this late 9pm. This day is getting too good for two reasons. At first, my boss gifted me a wonderful news that I shall go On-air in a short span, to host sunday evenings’ 5-9pm daypart.

Up next its because tomorrow is a big day. Its my birthday, its my special birthday indeed. I’m not making it that big, i’m not buying any thing for me, either. I have been through many and many such big days, nothing inspired me much. But the last year worked a magic, 2nd biggest birthday I ever had, its when i bought home my sweetheart, My Pulsar 220S and I started adoring it from then.

But tomorrow will be great. I have taken up few resolutions for this birthday, i shall quit drinking coffee and tea, i shall wake up earlier everyday, pump some iron, concentrate more work, sleep earlier and list stops here.

You know what? I wish I live for many decades to come, so that I test time and I can witness something within me, something worth living and loving. I also wish I witness some pain, that I regret to face now, that which time can only heal.

And what if I had never born?

I have asked this myself many times. Had I never born, no matter what, this world would remain the same. But the thing that I really wonder is how do people who I know now, will live in another world-without-me? It kinda pains me.

But the naked truth is I live now, I’ll live for years to come. My memories will live for decades to come, My stories will live for centuries to come. And I’ll be there to read it and get inspired again.

Had I never born? I’ll be better living somewhere around.

I wish and I thank; for a Happy birthday and for the sweetest black tea I just had.

[actually dated – 29, June 2011]


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