Tons of beauty twixt the smile and the cry

Beauty, is unexplored.
Beauty, is unconquered.
Beauty makes her beautiful.
Beauty is irresistible.

When Beauty smiles:
Not every smile carries a beauty and not every beauty needs a smile.
Few say that, Beauty knows no happiness and is always lost in a crowd.
I’d rather say, “That’s why most eyes don’t get to see something proud”
Beauty is an essence in every thing this world gave us.
From a tree to that birds’ nests, a valley to the river that flows, a peak to the cloud that swirls around.

When beauty smiles, you better be ready to witness,
You’ll never ever get another chance to drain in that rain.

When Beauty cries:
Beauty, sometimes skins your knees, grinds your brains and fools your eyes.
Beauty is the little giant that twinkles and wrinkles your thoughts.

Beauty is like a moon. Shiny and Dark, full and null, sometimes dull.
But its always beautiful and beloved.
That Ball that hangs high in the sky,
makes you know the up way high,
where a damn life exists so shy,
and there’s the beauty waiting to cry.

Beauty sleeps alone and beauty wakes blind.
Beauty knows rules.


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